Welcome to Oddworx DAO

Welcome to the Oddworx Community!


Oddworx, LLC was founded by Alex Solis at least a decade ago. Alex gained his following from his designer figures, parody art, and client projects. For years, he has shared his creative work with his fans and built a community of collectors, artists, and meme lovers. But Alex felt the call to extend his brand to the blockchain space via Initial Coin Offering (ICO) using Genzee NFT collection so anyone around the world can hold a share of Oddworx, LLC.


Since then, the team has grown the Discord community to 8K members, consisting of collectors, artists, and degens. While we found Discord an effective tool to reach our followers, it’s easy to lose track of conversations and it’s challenging to keep up with all the messages. Most people actually do not prefer Discord as it is not the most intuitive platform and there are full of scammers DMing users.

Discourse Forum

After some research, we found that utilizing Discourse Forum, an open-source discussion platform with a β€˜long term memory’ in comparison to Discord, to be an essential next step to expanding our community to Alex’s 560K Instagram followers and collectors.

We see Discourse to serve three main functions:

  1. Provide opportunities for any creators from all any backgrounds around the world to engage and participate in crowdsourcing efforts/art contests, with the chance to work with Alex and other world-class creators on products to be featured and sold on the Oddworx Shop

  2. Support the Oddworx DAO with productive brainstorming sessions and creative realization of ideas into proposals to innovate the brand and elevate the community, shaping the future of Web3. (The process of creating proposals can be found here: Oddworx DAO Governance)

  3. Help bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3 mindsets for creators and collectors through discussing challenging topics and demystifying blockchain technology

The vision is to attract creators from all backgrounds and innovate the brand through crowdsourcing under the supervision of Alex Solis, cutting out the connection and production barriers. Profits will be funneled to the community multi-sig wallet and shareholders will then be motivated to participate in brainstorming, proposal submission, governance voting, and other bottom-up contribution means. Currently, Oddworx DAO membership is any Genzee and Foodz NFT holders, but as we grow the brand, it will extend to any $ODDX holders, aka consumers become shareholders.


We have introduced the following categories and subcategories on Discourse so that you can partake in discussions that best suit your interests. Note that they are not finalized and we will be rearranging them to facilitate conversations better.

Start Here
└── Announcements
└── Contests
└── Passion Projects
└── World of Collectors
OIP* Ideas
OIP Drafts
└── Community Fund Allocation
└── Brand Decision
└── Process Refinement
OIP Voting
Help & Resources
└── FAQs
└── Get Help
└── Stay Safe

*OIP: Oddworx Improvement Proposal

Start Here
Important topics will be posted here to initiate new forum members.

β†’ Announcements
This is where broad announcements will be made.

When in doubt, just label your topic as General and a moderator will categorize it properly.

This category will host all art-related topics. The current subcategories are as follows, but are not limited to:

β†’ Contests
We will be sharing different design contests for the Oddworx community to participate in. All contests will come with prizes and some submissions will be featured on Alex’s socials and be sold on the Oddworx Shop.

β†’ Passion Projects
This subcategory is designated for creators to showcase some of their ongoing projects and share their past work.

OIP Ideas
This category is for the community to brainstorm any ideas about a topic before drafting up proposals outlining ideas and implementations.

OIP Drafts
OIP Drafts written by members that follow the guideline/template will be featured here.

β†’ Community Fund Allocation
OIP that involves how Oddworx DAO funds should be utilized will be categorized here.

β†’ Oddworx Brand Involvement
OIP that has to do with anything that Oddworx brand name ties to such as collabs or projects.

β†’ Process Refinement
OIP that strives to change the current implementation of the Oddworx DAO.

OIP Voting
Final proposals approved by the team will be created on Snapshot for the community to vote on.

Help & Resources
If need help or information, this category would be the best bet!

β†’ FAQs
β†’ Help
If the FAQs don’t cover your issue, feel free to post them here
β†’ Security
This will be a hub for people to share different scams going around the internet so everyone can be informed

New User Sandbox and the Trust System

Discourse has a trust system where users can, over time, earn the trust of the community and gain abilities to assist in governing their community.

Discourse is designed to offer safe defaults for public communities, even with no active moderation.

0 (new) β†’ 1 (basic) β†’ 2 (member) β†’ 3 (regular) β†’ 4 (leader)

All new users start out in a sandbox with restrictions for everyone’s safety. Trust level 0 (new) users cannot …

  • post more than 2 hyperlinks

  • post any images or file attachments

  • send private messages

  • flag posts or topics

  • have actual links in the β€œabout me” field of their profile

  • @name mention more than 2 users in a post

Virtually every action a user can take is rate limited for safety, especially so for new users. But don’t worry, new users can transition to trust level 1 in about 15 minutes.

Where to Start ???

  • Introduce Yourself :)

  • Check out the Categories from the home page and Read the Topics in each Category

  • Engage with other Oddworx members by replying to comments

  • Submit an idea or post by clicking + New Topic from the home page, and select the category you best see fit

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