Suggestions for Genzee Fit

This is the place where Health and fitness related stuff will be posted.

What can you find here?

-Step contest weekly and monthly leaderboard.

-Nutrition information.

-Genzee fit competition information and you can leave your suggestions for one.


Hey, just throwing out a thought to get GenzeeFit forum rolling. I think most people (including myself) wasn’t that comfortable pulling out the camera and recording/taking selfies of ourselves in the gym, or doing the exercises. What if we initially started something like a running club in strava? That way people don’t have to prove it with a photo of them self and a gateway for people to get involved in genzeefit

After people have done a couple runs and you’ve gauged the skill level of the members, you could run competitions/tournaments for groups of people based on their skill levels.

For example, taking into consideration;

  • how many times people run per week (high level runners might run around 20+km a week, a medium runner might be 10km to 20km a week, and a low level runner may run less than 10km a week
  • the times at which they run 5km or 10km

Then based on a group of members with similar skill levels, you could create;

  • a competition of who can produce the best 5km time in a week/fortnight/month.
  • for hardcore runners, who does the greatest distance in a week

I’m sure there are other ways to judge abilities and create different competitions based on ability, whether individual or in teams, but I’m sure you get the general jist :call_me_hand:

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Thanks for the feedback.

People who have a smartwatch could also have posted a screenshot of their activities, just so you don’t have to record or take a selfie👍 Someone even took a picture of a whiteboard with their workout on it. Just be creative with it.

When we were working on genzee fit we looked in many different apps. The points we were looking at are the following:
-how easy is it to cheat
-how user friendly is it
-what sports can it track
-does it have a leaderboard

We came to the conclusion that the more sports you can track, the easier it is to cheat. That’s the reason we went with

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