Oddworx DAO Governance


While the team continues to expand, the Oddworx community across all platforms is stronger than ever. Whether you own Alex Solis’s past design figures/other physical collectibles, have worked with Alex in the past on projects, met Alex at real-life events, or own some of his NFTs, you have the same voice to grow the brand and ecosystem.

We want to equalize and normalize our supporters by introducing a new Discourse forum, an easy-to-use open-source discussion platform. Anyone can sign-up and participate in ideas brainstorming, feedback commentary, and proposal submission. Then the current investors, who own a share of the Oddworx brand via Genzee NFTs, are granted voting rights for any proposal brought forth to Snapshot.
The Oddworx brand wants to be more engaged with the Oddworx DAO, the decentralized governance framework powered by a multi-sig community wallet, and to fund any initiatives passed by the group.

Gnosis Safe Wallet: 0x9288333aE7768fC2Ac93EB8CD00aaBbD5ba731d0


Before diving into the process of engaging with the brand and the community, it is important to share some of Oddworx’s fundamental values:

Humility: not afraid of having ideas shut down by others while staying open-minded to new ideas

Equality: it does not matter how many Genzees you hold. If you love the brand and want to support it, then you have a voice! There should be no differences between someone with more than 5 Genzees and someone with 1 Genzee!

Passion: best way to show your love and support for the community is through your passion to improve the brand relentlessly. Not all ideas will be successfully implemented, but persistence will get you there.

Transparency: process implementation and decision making are shared openly with the community


The Oddworx DAO will be using Discourse and Snapshot to educate and inform members on the governance process with an easy-to-follow structure, removing the technical barriers and complexity of platforms like Discord and Twitter.

Discourse is where all discussions occur and it can be thought of as the think tank for all ideas. Members can propose any ideas and then follow a template to construct an OIP (Oddworx Improvement Proposal), which must be approved by a moderator before being posted as a Topic.

Snapshot is where all shareholders of Oddworx, namely any Genzee and Foodz holders, will be able to authenticate their wallets and vote for approved OIPs by the community in Discourse.


Anyone can sign up to be a Discourse Forum member and create a Topic in the OIP Ideas - Oddworx or General - Oddworx if they are unsure which category it falls under.

In order to participate in Snapshot voting of proposals, you must be holding a Genzee or Foodz NFT. More Genzees or Foodz, more voting rights granted to the member.

Note that we will consider granting $ODDX holder voting power in the future, but at the moment, we want our core community to be the main driving force.


OIP (Oddworx Improvement Proposal) can be classified as: Community Fund Allocation, Oddworx Brand Involvement, and Process Refinement.

Community Fund Allocation
OIP that involves how Oddworx DAO funds should be utilized will be categorized here.

Oddworx Brand Involvement
OIP that has to do with anything that Oddworx brand name ties to such as collabs or projects.

Process Refinement
OIP that strives to change the current implementation of the Oddworx DAO.

Resubmission: Proposals that are updated and resubmitted must be classified as such.


To make it easy for moderators to review the proposal and scan all the necessary information, we want to have a generic template for members to follow:

Abstract – summarize the proposal in a few sentences

Motivation – statement on why the proposal should be considered and implemented

Mission – short description of how the proposal aligns with the Oddworx community’s vision and values

Implementation – steps on how the proposal will be implemented with details about cost distribution, person-hours, and other resources needed to execute.

Timeline – an approximate timeline of the start date, milestones, end date, and any other details regarding scheduling.

Overall Cost – an estimate of the cost to fully implement the proposal

Note: the proposal author can add extra fields to clearly convey the intentions, details, and implications of the OIP Draft.

Resubmission - it will be common that some proposals to fail to meet the necessary information, and the resubmission process is as follows:
→ Include the original proposal link
→ Reasons it was not approved
→ Changes made to the proposal and why it should be approved


Phase 1: OIP Idea

Platform: Discourse

→ receive moderator confirmation
→ can have multiple authors but only one submission
→ author(s) can only propose changes to the original post with comments

Time Frame: Topic is auto-closed if the last reply is 7-day old

Phase 2: OIP Draft

Platform: Discourse

→ turn OIP Ideas to a proposal based on responses from the original post
→ identify proposal category
→ moderator assigns title to the draft - “OIP-(NUMBER): (PROPOSAL NAME) - (PROPOSAL CATEGORY)”

Time Frame: if no OIP Draft is created within 30 days after Phase 1, it will be rejected

Phase 3: OIP Review

Platform: N/A

→ Genzee Team will review the draft proposal
→ Team will highlight any issues that need to be updated for a Resubmission
→ Team may also reject proposals

Time Frame: N/A

Phase 4: Live OIP

Platform: Snapshot

→ draft passed the team review
→ moderator post the OIP on Snapshot
→ live on Snapshot for Genzee and Foodz holders to vote on

Time Frame:
→ released weekly on Saturdays at 6PM CT
→ voting ends a week after

Phase 5: Final OIP

Platform: N/A

→ if majority of votes approve the OIP, it moves to the next phase
→ if not many votes or majority of votes is against the OIP, it moves to “On Pause” for the next step with resubmission

Time Frame: N/A

Phase 6: Implementation

Approved OIPs will be implemented based on the proposal. The team will make sure the plan is carried out with the assistance of the author and the community if necessary.