How to Acquire $MATIC on Polygon Network?

Polygon ($MATIC)

“Polygon is a “layer two” or “sidechain” scaling solution that runs alongside the Ethereum blockchain — allowing for speedy transactions and low fees. MATIC is the network’s native cryptocurrency, which is used for fees, staking, and more.” - Coinbase Article

Bridge $ETH from Mainnet to Polygon Network

For those who already have cryptos on their Metamask wallets, feel free to follow the methods below to transfer $ETH from the Mainnet to Polygon Network.

Using OpenSea

If you trade NFTs, then you should be familiar with OpenSea ( They can handle all this on the backend to simplify it for the users.

Once you logged in with your wallet on OpenSea, you can click the wallet button on the top right corner of the page, which shows your wallet balance like the image below.

You can then select the three dots and choose “Bridge to Polygon”, which asks you to convert ETH from the Mainnet to the Polygon Network.

After confirming the transaction on Metamask, you are essentially allowing OpenSea to process the Bridging from Mainnet to Polygon for you.

Within a few minutes, it would show up in your wallet as follows.

Using Polygon Bridge

If you are wondering how OpenSea was able to bridge your ETH from the Mainnet to the Polygon Network, here is a rundown of the Polygon Bridge.

Visit the OFFICIAL polygon website:

Under dApps dropdown, go to PoS Wallet

Then log in with your corresponding wallet

That would prompt you to sign a message. It’s important to read the origin as scammers love to use this type of signature to take control of your wallet.

Head onto the Bridge tab of your polygon wallet

Type in the amount of $ETH you would like to transfer from Ethereum to Polygon

The gas fee is estimated as well, though I think it is overestimated.

Just click through each pop-ups and your transfer should be in progress. The transfer should be completed in less than 10 minutes.

Swap ETH to MATIC on Polygon Network

Now that you have $ETH on the Polygon Network of your wallet, you can head to the Token Swap tab:

where you can designate number of $ETH to swap for $MATIC. Approve Polygon to allow 0x API (an aggregated decentralized exchange platform) to access your $ETH for this swap

Then you can select Review Swap, which shows you the slippage tolerance (accounting for the price fluctuation) and the API used (0x API). 0x has its own native token as well $ZRX. Feel free to check out which is a really cool swap.

After the swap, you will find Metamask saying you have a lot of $ETH on the Polygon Network. But it really meant $MATIC.

To verify that, you can check, which is similar to Etherscan.

Or on your Polygon Wallet (Polygon Web Wallet v2)

Send $MATIC from an Exchange to Polygon Network on your Wallet

Purchase some $MATIC tokens on any exchanges of your choosing. Then copy the wallet address you would like to send $MATIC to.

Paste that as shown below.

After a few minutes, you can find these just transferred $MATIC at the Ethereum Mainnet of your wallet.

Visit Polygon Bridge (Polygon Web Wallet v2) and select the $MATIC to transfer from Ethereum Mainnet to Polygon Network

Go through the next few pop-ups regarding gas fees and

Make sure to be at Ethereum Mainnet at this step

And then confirm the transaction displayed on Metamask

The updated $MATIC balance is shown below:

Now you can pay for gas fees (less than a cent) on Polygon Network using $MATIC!! And that’s the power of Layer-2 solutions to Ethereum.