Dejitaru Tsuka - $TSUKA

Hey Fam, I’ve come across a coin & invested a small amount into it. I was put onto it by a account I follow that put me onto SHIB before anyone else & I didn’t do anything about it :man_facepalming: he actually sold SHIB 2 weeks too early & missed out on over $300m.

$TSUKA is the coin, the word is it could be Ryoshi who created it (SHIB creator, he deleted all his Twitter tweets) there are only about 1400ish holders atm so it’s super early but if it is Ryoshi it could be BIG & bring a lot of the SHIB community over even if it’s not the story is intriguing too & can gain a lot of attention from that.

You can buy it on Uniswap.



Check it out on Etherscan

*NFA & Please dyor & only use money you can afford to lose, I personally will put about $500 USD (if I had more liquidity atm I’d put more, I’ve spent more on some crap NFT :joy::grimacing:).

**This play is high risk high reward but I’m willing to take that risk.


Thank you for the heads up! Let’s see where it goes!

I think def worth the risk with the smaller ones, as you said Ive also invested into a ton of NFTs that were way riskier haha


Just curious, what are some of the things you look for in meme coins?

Feel like it’s similar to some NFT projects:

  • Community
  • Lore
  • Developer / Founder
  • Some kind of roadmap?

You think $TSUKA is more so relying on the creator to be actually Ryoshi?

In all honesty I don’t usually do too much meme coin trading. If I do yes it’s probably similar to an NFT project in community, I think this is a big one to me.

I think $TSUKA narrative is a extremely interesting one & being Ryoshi could well determine if it has a SHIB type run or not but I think the human psychology on the story intrigues people enough that even if it isn’t him it will have a pretty decent run anyway, people’s psychology play a major part without them even realising.

Also market conditions now are different as well, if a coin runs people could just fomo in just to realise some gains & especially if there’s not too many coins making profit. This of course is my own personal opinion & I could be completely wrong but no one knows for sure.:man_shrugging:

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What would you say is the most interesting narrative about $TSUKA so far?