Are there rarities to NFTs?


In most collections, each NFT has its own metadata with unique traits. Some are rarer than others. An example would be my Genzee #720, where the JetPack is a more rare trait for the Gear as only 2% of all Genzees have this trait. This NFT also has other properties in the mix, and some would wonder how it ranks in the collection in terms of its overall rarity. This is where some of the Rarity Platforms would come in handy, namely: Rarity Tools and Rarity Sniper.

NOTE: it is safer to purchase the cheapest NFTs in a collection (the floor ones) if you just want some exposure. Buying rares is usually more expensive and riskier unless it’s something you are willing to hold for the long run or use as your profile picture or personal brand.

Rarity Tools

When you visit, you will see all the NFTs of that collection laid out on the page.

You can search the ID of the NFT near the top left corner and the Rarity Score breakdown based on each trait is displayed. Each platform has slightly different calculations, but the fewer the NFTs with the same trait, the higher the score for that trait.

You can also filter on the left panel using Buy Now to show the ones that are listed for sale, set the max Ethereum price you are willing to pay, and the lowest rarity rank you want for the NFT.

Once you select one, you can view it on OpenSea or LooksRare

Rarity Sniper

You can also visit Genzee NFT Rarity Ranking | Rarity Sniper which gives you a slightly different rarity ranking, but the user experience is more or less the same as Rarity Tools.


If you are in Genzee’s Discord, Clut actually created a Discord bot that can look up any Genzees and display information like the owner, staking/rewards, and all the traits. It also links to any Marketplaces and Rarity Sites that are made available to us.